Live A Little and Leave the Details to Us!

Live A Little Dive Club
Yep you read that right: SCUBA Club

What: It might seem like an odd group for the middle of the country, after all, we don’t exactly have an ocean nearby. But if you’re a fan of scuba diving, whether you’re an experienced diver or merely interested in the ocean, join us for a new adventure. Believe me, there are some good dive spots within a few hours drive.

Why: To bring together people interested in continuing to dive long after their initial training is done. This will give people additional contacts for dive and travel buddies as well as a myriad of trips that they could tag along on.

Who Can Belong: Anyone interested in diving (Certified or Not). We do not require you to be a customer of Live A Little Travel. You may hold a certification from any approved agency. Non-divers and non-members are welcome to meetings and trips, actually it’s encouraged. Just because your family doesn’t dive (yet) doesn’t mean you can’t bring them along.


* Invitation to all Dive Club Activities 
* Access to the club Facebook Group (official club communication method)
* Priority on club Tee shirts or Hats with enough interest. 
* Club Member’s early sale notifications 
* Priority on club contracted charters and travel
* Discounts on group travel 
* Annual photo contest (prizes awarded) 
* Diving milestone recognition 
* Notification of any parties or cookouts held after diving.
* Consolidated lists of 3 local dive shop training and dive trips.

Local Dive Locations: These spots are set up for divers and can offer good visibility.
* Haigh Quarry (Kankakee, IL)
* Pearl Lake (South Beloit, IL)
* Mermet Springs (Belknap, IL.)
* France Park (Logansport, IN.)
* Bonne Terre Mine (Bonne Terre, MO.)
* Many others in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, etc.

Where and When: Informational meeting will be set later to update everyone interested in making the group a success. The most important thing to do at this point is become a member of the Facebook Group or get Kyle Cooper at your contact information.  

Like our Facebook Group:  Live A Little Dive Club is the official communication tool for club news and events.